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The Insiders Guide To A Lucrative Wholesale Business Using Just A Real Estate Investor Website, Content Marketing And Some Good ‘Ole’ SEO
Your 90 day plan to consistently get more leads to your real estate investor website
  • Stop to losing out on leads and deals just because of an underperforming website
  • Rank higher & market smarter with content and “Inbound” Marketing
  • Cut The Learning Curve And Get Results Fast
get more leads to real estate investor website
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Gabriel Garcia

Owner -  Florida Cash Homebuyers
We’ve been #1 on Google for “We buy houses Miami” since we began working with Dave in 2012. This past year we closed our biggest wholesale deals ever from SEO…one of them was a 75k profit. This stuff works.

Henry Ownens

Owner - St. Louis Realty Advisors
Not only does Dave know about websites but he's an expert at SEO too. My website was ranking on the top pages of Google just days after he launched my site. Truly phenomenal results.
About Dave Brown

Dave Brown brings over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry to the table.
 He's built a 6-figure real estate investment business by attracting motivated sellers online via the search engines. Dave’s very first wholesale deal was an online lead. With that lead he realized that he hand not only successfully completed his first deal proving that REI was for him, but he also had found his own unique footing in the real estate investment niche. Since then, Dave has created an online presence that generates a steady onslaught of qualified and motivated seller leads. He is a rock star in the field of real estate marketing and search engine optimization, and is passionate about sharing his expertise with others. His work as a business and life coach is something he loves to do, and his commitment to each of his students is unsurpassed.
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