Fully Managed Real Estate Investor SEO

Rank High In Google, Attract Motivated Sellers And Crush Your Competition With Real Estate Investor SEO.  How would you like to have sellers find you when they typed in “sell my house fast” or “we buy houses” into the search engines?  Ranking high in the search engines for these keyword terms can play a HUGE factor not only in your credibility but also your bottom line.

Advanced SEO Strategy & Results For Real Estate Investors

If you lived in New York and wanted to find a new restaurant to try, you wouldn’t go to Google and search for “Restaurants”.  You would be more specific right?

Instead you would search for “New York Restaurants” or something along those lines.  The more specific the search the more detailed the results that will come back?  For instance if you typed in “Brooklyn NY Restaurants” you’d likely only get back search results of restaurants in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Restaurants that show up in that search result were smart enough to use location-based SEO to optimize their websites. They built their sites around the location-based keywords that you used to search.  Makes sense, right? As a Real Estate Investor you want to take the same approach with local SEO…

Which search result is more localized SEO example for a real estate investor?

real estate investor seo

We buy houses Brooklyn is the localized search term and that’s the kind of content we want to add to our website. Specific localized pages built around well target keywords and a localized area, city, town or county. * You want to be as specific in your Real Estate SEO as your audience will be in their search.

When you get this real estate investor SEO process started you’ll be able to generate free organic seller and buyer leads to your real estate investor website.  Take this marketing strategy seriously because once you set it up and get consistent with it you’ll generate leads and deals for months and years to come.

NOTE: 90% of your competition will not invest in this long term lead generation strategy and if they do they won’t do it consistently or they’ll do it all wrong.

Stand out, build authority, credibility and become the go to company people want to do business with.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

SEO is hands down the #1 form of lead generation in the U.S. and it can be for real estate investors too. As such, SEO should be viewed as a necessary investment for doing business… Even if you’re in a more competitive market, our tailored service can dramatically impact your real estate investing business.

We’ve been #1 on Google for “We buy houses Miami” since we began working with Dave in 2012. This past year we closed our biggest wholesale deals ever from SEO…one of them was a 75k profit. This stuff works.

Gabriel Garcia Florida Cash Home Buyers

If you want your real estate investor websites to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing so you can generating more leads, but don’t have the time, energy or know how to do SEO yourself, my team of trusted real estate investor SEO “scientists” are here to do all the heavy lifting for you.

A Powerful SEO Strategy For Real Estate Investors

local search for real estate investorsSEO is a moving target, it’s a science and for many real estate investors it can be very confusing.  I get more and more fellow investors and consulting clients say “Just tell me what to do!” Unfortunately it’s just not that simple.  A sustainable SEO strategy is usually the result of keyword rich content and multiple types of back links on a sustained basis. For someone who doesn’t know anything about SEO, trying to weave it all together into an effective, well rounded strategy can be difficult.

The first thing you need for SEO to work right is a GREAT real estate investor website.

Get setup with Oncarrot – There are a ton of real estate investor website platforms on the market (heck you can even hire someone to build your own) but I’ve tried them all and this is the best solution available.

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REI Rank – SEO For Real Estate Investors

Our SEO service is exclusive to OnCarrot members who are serious about generating leads online from organic search rankings.  Our marketing experts will dive in and personalize your OnCarrot websites with the info you provide us to help you get setup fast.  Once that’s complete we’ll be able to quickly move into the marketing and localized search engine optimization phase. This is the closest thing you as a real estate investor can get to fully managed Localized SEO service – without any Hocus Pocus. You’ll know exactly what we are doing and what you’ll be getting.

You get a fully managed solution that combines our expertise, a powerful SEO strategy, awesome white hat link building, and premium content all with our best-in-the-business staff & support.

oncarrot website customization

Get Your OnCarrot Websites Live, Running And Optimized Full Customization – update colors and logo, format your personal bio, tailor content to your local market, do on site SEO by optimizing individual pages, Install Custom Domain, Setup Google Webmaster Tools, Social Media Links, Analytics, and more.  If you do not have this website system yet take advantage of the special pricing and training bundle I arranged with my friend Trevor.  If you don’t have a real estate investor website with OnCarrot click here.

real estate investor websitesLocalized City Specific Keyword Rich Pages. This is the secret sauce to getting quick rankings in the search engines.  Get more traffic to your website with city specific landing pages for the areas you invest in.  You’ll get 10 city / location specific pages for your website.  Example – “We Buy Houses Houston”, “Sell Your House Fast Katy”.  Most investors are losing out on precious traffic and leads because their website is too focused on just 1 city or location…this marketing strategy fixes that.

Citation Building Service. Citation Building is a great way to build your SEO link profile and get more online exposure. A citation is a listing on a website that lists your company name, phone number, address, website, and often times other basic business info.  It’s one of the first things we recommend to any real estate investor who wants to rank well in Google for local search terms like “sell my house fast Houston”.  We’ll create 30 Local Directory Citations for your business.

Natural Link Building Module. Awesome In-Content Links. Get quality contextual Link Building to boost your real estate investor link building for real estate investorswebsite and it’s ranking in the Search Engines.  We focus on creating a natural Viral Link Structure that follows exactly the path of viral content on the web. There is no hocus pocus. No snake oil promises. Just a fine-tuned link building system, constantly being refined and built with high quality industry relevant content. This is our secret sauce when it comes to out-flanking the competition in the search results.

real estate investor press release

Blog Posts – Fresh Original Content. The easiest way to get great articles posted to your blog on your schedule. You no longer have to come up with ideas, contract writers, go through the editing process just to get your blog up and running.  You’ll get 4 blog post each month published right to your OnCarrot website.


All The Bells & Whistles

We made REI Rank the best possible product for you: It includes all the bells and whistles you need to rank high in the search engines.

Monthly Rank Tracking and Reporting for 12 Months. We deliver a distribution report in about 30 days after you order and because you’ll continue to see even more links come in for months afterwards we also set you up with our monthly rank tracking service.  Each month we’ll send you a report of where you stand in the search rankings.  We will track 10 different localized keywords you are targeting on your website.

Link Boost: Every link building campaign will receive a FREE Boost once the campaign is completed!

100% Customized Strategy: No cookie-cutter campaigns here. Every single campaign is researched, planned, and customized for you, your goals, and your website.

1 Zoom Meeting A month. While your localized real estate investor SEO  is being implemented you’ll get a monthly Zoom meeting with Dave.  Dave will spend up to an hour with you to discuss rankings, strategies, content creation and suggestions to your website.  You’ll learn step by step exactly what to do moving forward when it comes to content marketing.


This is an exclusive SEO package for serious real estate investors who are looking to dominate their local market online.
*We only work with one investor in any given area or market.

6 Month SEO Plan at $2,000 a month ($12,000 investment)
Pay 6 Months Upfront  – $9,000 investment ( Get 3,000 Off)

Just one deal from SEO and will recoup your investment.

If you think you are a good fit for this package and want to take things to the next level then schedule your consultation call today.  Just give us a few details on your website, and your competition. If you don’t know, that’s totally fine too – we’ll walk you through it.

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