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Private money lenders For Real Estate

Would you like to get access to a national list of Private money Lenders? Basically anybody who has made a Private Money Loan on a Real Estate deal in the past six months is on this list. Included in this list is the name of all the private money lenders, the properties they lent money on, how much they lent, and their contact information.

This is HUGE…so many people waste time trying to find private money lenders and usually one at a time.

The National List of Private money lenders for real estate.

privatemoneyforrealestateThis solves one of the biggest problems most Real Estate investors have…which is a lack of consistent, cheap, money that can be borrowed for deals.

I recently discovered that there was no way to search for Private money lenders. And this data is easily available by area of the country. This is a web based platform that allows Real Estate Investors access to a national list of Private lenders in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, once you find private money lenders you also need to learn:

* How to streamline the Private money lenders recruitment process
* How to prescreen Private money Lenders when you market to them
* How to handle their most common objections to lending to new people
* How to negotiate lower interest rates
* How to structure the deal correctly when closing

I am sure you know there are several manuals out on the market about how to find private lenders…via manual work that takes 10-12 hours a week, but again this is a way you can access a list of Private money lenders with a few clicks of a mouse in a matter of minutes.

Not only will you get the names of these private money lenders but you’ll also get…
– The contact information of these private money lenders
– The date they lent the money
– How many loans they made and the amounts

No matter what area of the country you live in there are Private money lenders right in your own backyard…this is your opportunity to access one of the most valuable lists of all time.

Get access to this National list of Private money lenders here:


About the Author David Brown

Dave Brown brings almost 2 decades of real estate experience to the table. Dave’s very first wholesale deal was an online lead, and he knew then he’d found his own unique footing in the real estate investment niche. He is a rock star in the field of marketing online, and is passionate about sharing his expertise with others. His work as a business coach at REWW is something he loves to do, and his commitment to each of his students is unsurpassed.

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