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Online Leads For Real Estate Investors

    internet leads for real estate investors

    Generating online leads is a great and consistent way to get your real estate business moving in a positive direction. Done the right way, these online leads for real estate investors will fuel your investing and real estate wholesaling career. Real estate investing is a numbers game, typically for every 50 hand raises (people who say, yes I want to sell) you will generate one deal. So you can see why having a solid funnel of leads is so important.

    The online leads will capture will help you obtain a large amount of potential motivated sellers, not to mention buyers for all of your properties. There are a lot of sources out there for leads and it can be very confusing to decide which ones will give you the best return on your investment.

    When looking to get any leads for your real estate investing business it is very important to be very targeted and specific. Internet leads are no different.  If you can generate them on your own through your real estate investor website even better.

    How I Generate Motivated Sellers Online

    Be sure you know what kind of properties you are looking to invest in and most importantly where! With that said when you start looking for lead providers on the internet make sure you screen them properly.

    Find out where and how the online leads are compiled.

    Find out if the leads for flipping houses are re-sold to other investors or if they are exclusive. Some companies let you purchase leads ala carte or one by one, while others charge a monthly membership for a particular region or county. The less exclusive they are the less expensive they should be. For example you may find Internet leads for real estate investing that are 100% exclusive and delivered as live transfers in excess of $75 each. While other internet leads are semi-exclusive and are sold to 4 different investors. Large groups of leads can be found for a fraction of cost and can often be had for 10 to 14 cents per name. One alternative to this that is great for getting real estate leads that many others are unaware of is that you can acquire aged leads for a few cents each. These leads are 30,60 or 90 days plus old, some may no longer be viable but some will.

    It is also important to watch out for how many times these internet leads are resold as well as what your rights are for getting refunds for leads that do not meet your criteria. Keep in mind that you will not get a refund or lead replacement if the homeowner is simply not interested. Most of these homeowners actually made an inquiry about selling their home but motivation can be high one moment and low the next, so make sure you implement a strong follow system. And finally, just make sure you do your research. You want to deal with a reputable internet leads company, find the right internet leads provider and you’ll surely close more deals.

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