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The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Copywriting

    real estate copy writing

    In real estate copywriting, you want to do two things; keep the person reading and inspire the reader to act.

    Convincing someone to act through a phone or computer screen is much different than selling in person. A majority of communication is non-verbal, so people rely on your tone, body language and dress much more than what’s said.

    How can you make up for that difference? Great copywriting. That’s true for sales flyers, property descriptions, your agency’s website, and your bio.

    Read on for tips to make your copywriting shine.

    Know Your Prospect

    In real estate copywriting, always start with who is going to read the copy. Who are they? What are they looking for?

    The needs of a family of four are going to be different from the needs of a single first-time home buyer.

    You want to be able to speak directly to their needs. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Why would someone want to live in a particular neighborhood? What are the unique characteristics of the home they would find appealing?

    Think of yourself as the ultimate problem solver when you write. The buyers have a need for a particular home. Hopefully, it’s a perfect match with the home you’re flipping. As you describe the home, explain how it will solve their issues and it really is their dream home.

    The Best Headlines Win

    Advertising legend David Ogilvy often said that 80 cents of every dollar spent on advertising is in the headline.

    Why is the headline so important? It’s what keeps people reading. Not only that, but a headline can also change how you think.

    You want to tell people why they need to keep reading in 8-12 words. Using numbers is effective.

    Use subheadings to keep people reading. Most people scan content. They’ll quickly scan the headline, then scan things like bullet points and bold text that stands out.

    Deliver a Call to Action

    How much of your writing ends with just a description of a home or of your agency? Maybe there’s your contact information.

    If that’s where your real estate copywriting ends, you’re missing out on opportunities.

    Most businesses assume that people will call or fill out a contact form. That’s not the case. People need to be told what to do. That’s just human nature.

    When you write a call to action, it’s more effective to tell someone what they are doing than being generic.

    For example, writing “Schedule Your Deam Home Tour Today” is more compelling than “Contact Me Today.”

    Creating curiosity in your text is also a way to get people to act.

    Your call to action needs to be clear, compelling and create curiosity and a sense of urgency.

    Real Estate Copywriting That Makes a Sale

    Now that you know the top ways to improve your real estate writing, you can work that into every aspect of marketing – SEO, lead generation, content marketing among them.

    If you don’t have a proper marketing strategy in place, I can help.

    I offer a 60-minute coaching session to help you dominate your market. Schedule your call today.



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