Real Estate Investor Marketing: SEO & Your Real Estate Investor Website
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Real Estate Investors – Create Traffic To Generate More Sellers Leads

generate seller leads online

There are a lot of different ways to generate online real estate leads and traffic to your real estate website or blog.


Traffic is the single most important thing for the online version of your business. When I first got involved in real estate investing most of our lead generation was from direct mail, postcards, and networking. And this is a strategy that we still use in our business today. It’s important to drive large numbers of visitors to your website site your blog…after all it is a numbers game.

If you the real estate investor can master online lead generation for your business you will thrive.

As a real estate investor you need a constant supply of deals and motivated sellers coming across your desk everyday. But you also need a good stream and supply of buyers, most importantly cash buyers to sell these properties to. If you master lead generation you’ll always have more than enough of each of these real estate leads.

Here are some of the best ways to generate real estate investor leads and motivated seller leads online

1. Pay Per Click – this is paid advertising. When people to searches in Google, Bing or Yahoo, the PPC ads appear at the top and right of the search results page. Now pay per click is not free you have to spend some money each month to generate these types of real estate leads. The great thing though is you can make this very targeted to your specific market or niche. Adwords from Google is the most popular form of Pay Per Click. When building your ads and campaigns be sure to focus them around keywords. Keywords are popular words or phrases people put into the search bar when searching for a product. A few examples of keywords would be: we buy houses, real estate leads, sell my house fast, avoid foreclosure. The trick is to take these keywords and make the specific to your location of business.   This is the company I use for my Google Adwords.

2. Offline Marketing. A great strategy for traffic is offline marketing for real estate leads. All of your postcards, direct mail, business cards, flyers, etc. should have a website where people can go or better yet a squeeze page. Sometimes people like to be able to do some research or are more comfortable making an initial connection by checking out a website. If you do a lot of marketing offline then this one strategy will definitely help you increase how many real estate leads you capture.

3. Press Releases. This is a great way to drive a ton of real estate leads and traffic to your site. There are a few great free sources like,,, just to name a few. When your writing your press releases you want to be thinking about keywords again. Have a few in mind that will relate to what your writing about and try to include them as often as possible. Try and post a press release at least once a month. Once a week is really effective though.

4. Video – Use your smart phone, camera or other type of quick video recording tool. Start documenting your business through video. Show your properties or record tips or strategies for others to few. Once you have your video done upload it to YouTube and video syndication sites like TubMogul or Traffic Geyser. These sites will blast your video across other video hosting sites online. Search engines love video because they tend to treat it like news. Both press releases and video will help you get real estate leads organically or naturally.

5. Web 2.0 – Social Media platforms are the wave of the future and if you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account then you need to go get one. Updating other friends and followers about your real estate business on a regular basis will surely bring real estate leads back to your website or blog. So go out and get an account and start posting info, start following others in our industry and share with them what your doing.

6. Real Estate Investor Website – Finally, if you want to have a successful online real estate lead generation platform then you need a website that is great at capturing and converting traffic to leads.  Having the right real estate investor website is essential to your success.  You not only need a website that is great at generating traffic but you also need to be able to convert those visitors into leads.  Our recommended platform does just that and a whole lot more.

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