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How To Attract Motivated Sellers Leads To Your Real Estate Investor Website

Building a great looking real estate investor website is just one part of the overall picture for a real estate investing company’s success online and attracting more motivated seller leads into your real estate business. Most investors don’t really understand the importance of getting the right real estate website online.  They don’t understand that getting […]

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Investor Carrot Review – Real Estate Investor Websites

investor carrot review

What is Investor Carrot? Simply stated Investor Carrot is a website solution for real estate investors. These websites aren’t just company websites about your “We Buy Houses” company. They are lead generating real estate investor websites that pull in cash buyers and motivated sellers. This is a form of Inbound Lead Generation…something I teach and […]

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The Checklist for a Successful Real Estate Investor Website Design

The only site you need as a real estate investor should be a WordPress website. Today I’ll outline why you should be using WordPress for your investor website.  I also will give you some essential tips and detailed points on what you need to do to get your Real estate investor website design up and […]

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5 Ways To Find Motivated Sellers

find motivated sellers

5 Ways To Find Motivated Sellers Without Burning Too Many Hours As a real estate investor you know you really make your money when you buy a house at the right price and that is why it’s crucial that you find motivated sellers, sellers who really want to sell their house. There’s only two ways […]

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Reverse Wholesaling Case Study

reverse wholesaling case study

A Professional Online Real Estate Investor Website, Flipping Houses And The Art Of Reverse Wholesaling. Wow that’s a long sentence to swallow but having a professional online presence as a real estate investor is extremely important when it comes to credibility and authority in your market place.  Why? Let me explain! (Reverse Wholesaling Case Study) […]

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Real Estate Investors – Create Traffic To Generate More Sellers Leads

generate seller leads online

There are a lot of different ways to generate online real estate leads and traffic to your real estate website or blog.   Traffic is the single most important thing for the online version of your business. When I first got involved in real estate investing most of our lead generation was from direct mail, […]

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