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How to Use Real Estate Content Marketing to Your Advantage

real estate content marketing

When it comes to lead generation, content marketing is king.  In fact, 72% of content marketers reported that their efforts have increased their number of leads. Want to harness that momentum? Read on to learn how to craft your real estate content marketing strategy.    The Benefits of Real Estate Content Marketing  Content marketing drums up a bigger […]

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How to Master SEO for Real Estate Investors

seo for real estate investors

For many real estate investors, SEO simply isn’t a priority. This is a mistake though, as improving your SEO can also massively improve your bottom line.  SEO for real estate investors doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. We’ve got some tips that are easy to implement, even if you’re an SEO newbie. Let’s get started.  […]

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How To Close Several Deals A Month With SEO for Real Estate Investors

Click Play above to listen to this Carrot Cast Podcast. In this episode of the Carrot Cast I am talking SEO with Trevor Mauch. An SEO Master Breaks Down How To Closes 2-3 Real Estate Deals a Month From Real Estate Investor SEO. Listen to my story as an entrepreneur and real estate investor and […]

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The Science of Flipping And Finding Motivated Seller Leads Online

This a podcast I had the pleasure of doing with Justin Colby from The Science of Flipping.  In this interview Justin and I discuss how to capture motivated seller leads online and the importance of ranking on Google’s first page. Finding off-market motivated seller leads online can be tricky, but with a clear plan, the […]

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How To Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO

find motivated sellers online

The Step By Step Process To Attract And Find Motivated Sellers Online Using SEO. If you’re serious and want to find motivated sellers online then you need to start using the right keywords.Keywords are the foundation to marketing online and SEO.  Is SEO Worth It?   You’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it’s […]

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Dominate Local Search In 3 Steps

dominate local search real estate investors

How Real Estate Investors Can Dominate Local Search in 3 Steps and Get More Motivated Seller Leads As a business coach I speak to real estate investors, entrepreneurs and small business owners all the time. Whenever I ask them about their online presence they either don’t have one or tell me something like, “I have […]

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How To Do Real Estate Investor SEO In 3 Simple Steps

real estate seo

How To Do Real Estate Investor SEO Congrats, you’ve found the best Real Estate SEO source out there… Search Engine Optimization can be super confusing, tedious, and even boring but it’s absolutely essential if you want to generate leads from the search engines.   There is a ton of information out there and most of it […]

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Effective Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

real estate lead generation

Grow your real estate investing traffic, leads, and results with the On Carrot online marketing software. Our customers are generating nearly 10,000 inbound leads per month right now… and growing (sellers, buyers, tenants, rent to own, and more). Effective real estate investor lead generation starts with a great website How is your real estate investor website performing for […]

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Why Your Real Estate Investor Website Needs To Be On WordPress

wordpress press for real estate investors

Why Real Estate Investors Use WordPress For Their Websites If you are looking for a real estate investor website,  WordPress offers a flexible interface, is search engine optimized, and boasts the functionality to add content and features that your target audience is looking for. As a real estate investor I find it to be the […]

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Inbound Marketing For Real Estate Investors

Inbound Marketing For Real Estate Investors Getting visitors to your website is simple, if you know inbound marketing and search engine optimization works. The ultimate goal when getting a real estate investor website online is to generate as much traffic as possible so you can convert that traffic to leads and those leads into increased […]

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