SEO Master Breaks Down How He Closes 2-3 Real Estate  Deals A Month From Real Estate SEO In A Competitive Market 

If Your Real Estate Business Is Not Online You’re Not In Business.
Real Estate Investing is one of the fastest and lucrative ways to start living life on your own terms but without the right systems, strategies and online presence you’re business will be in the dark.  Enter your name and email below for the 90 Day Real Estate Investor marketing Plan that shows you how to leverage the internet to attract more leads and deals.



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Hi, my name is Dave Brown and I’m grateful that that our paths have crossed. I’ve been in the real estate game for over 16 years both as an agent and now investor. Over the last 5 years I’ve taken my knowledge of SEO and the skills I’ve learned as an internet marketer to build a successful real estate wholesale business.

This specialized knowledge has been the driving force for my success as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. I’ve spent the last 4 years coaching over a hundred experienced and novice investors alike how to wholesale real estate and build a lucrative investing business with just a website, content marketing and some good ‘ole’ SEO. If this is something you are looking to do in your marketing you’re in the right place.

But I’m  much more than a entrepreneur, SEO expert and real estate investor. Outside of entrepreneurship I’m also a father, son, friend, sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. I’m committed to making a bigger impact in the world and always takes time to remind people that the greatest risk in life is to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you.

If you’re an entrepreneur, real estate investor or want to become one…I believe I have some insights and experiences that can help you realize your full potential and discover what’s truly possible so you can make a bigger impact in your life and in the lives of others.


Learn How To Find & Flip Properties For Fast Profits

The key is having the right investing blueprint to follow.  As a student and now coach in the REWW Community, I can’t speak highly enough about the training, tools and systems inside that will get your investing business off the ground and to the next level.


Every Great Real Estate Investor Marketing Plan Needs A Real Estate Investor Website That Actually Works!

Stop Losing Leads To An Underperforming Website. As a real estate investor or real estate professional, you can’t afford to lose out on leads and deals just because of an underperforming website. Having the right real estate website, system, and strategies is essential to your growth – your ability to scale, cut lead costs, and position your real estate business for the long term.  Building a successful real estate presence online all starts with having the right foundation.  This includes having a real estate website that is designed to create content, leverage SEO, and capture leads from visitors that find your real estate website.

Do You Have The Right Real Estate Investor Website?

real estate investor websiteIt doesn’t matter whether you’re an investor, agent, new or experienced because at some point you need to ask yourself this question!  Is your website great at capturing leads? Does it allow you to update and publish great content that the search engines love? Can it help you rank in Google and the other search engines?  Is it mobile-friendly? Does is actually perform the way you want it to? Contrary to what you might have heard, one of the very first things you must have for your business is a website.  Whether you’re new or experienced your real estate investor marketing plan must include a website. It’s a different market, technology is moving quickly and if you’re not online out of the gate, you will be left behind and in the dark.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Inbound Real Estate Investor Marketing

In order to attract more leads into your business you need to create content that is relevant, valuable and keyword rich.  Content creation must be one of your most important real estate investor marketing strategies.  It has to be localized and easy to consume for visitors that find your real estate website. When you do this you can leverage the search engines by attracting more seller leads to your real estate website. Then it’s as easy as turning those smoking hot sellers into a steady stream of profitable deals each and every month.

This process is a real estate investor marketing strategy that bring visitors and leads to you, rather than you having to go out and find or get a prospects’ attention. When you start leveraging SEO and inbound marketing in our business you’ll not only separate yourself from the crowd but you’ll see more leads and do more deals too. Learn more and get started today!


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As a coach, real estate investor, internet marketer, and entrepreneur I’m passionate about running, content creation, personal transformation, food, wine, and craft beer. When I’m not plotting and planning new ideas to help people live their passion, you can usually find me running trails, hiking, biking, playing basketball, or spending all the time I can with the people I love and care about the most!