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5 Steps To Optimize Your Real Estate Investor Website

If you have a real estate website then it is essential that you are doing search engine optimization (SEO) and that you are optimizing your real estate investor website.   There is a lot information out there about SEO and its a great way to get organic traffic to your website.

How to Optimize your Real Estate Investor Website

Now THAT is leverage. So, if you are trying to get your real estate investor website ranked in the search engines then start by implementing some of the steps below.  This is how I started and this is where you can begin too.

I learned how to do SEO a couple of years ago. I had no idea really what I was doing. It just kind of happened by accident. I was making videos and articles and all of a sudden I was getting tons of traffic and leads and making sales I had no idea what was happening. The worst part is not knowing how it happens because I then got caught up in the confusion and put a halt to all of my efforts. That is the last thing anyone wants to do in their business.

Here are 5 SIMPLE how to steps on how to optimize your real estate investor website.

1. Key Word Research

This is ABSOLUTELY necessary in learning how to do real estate seo. Keyword research tells you how much traffic a particular keyword gets each and every month. You can go to Google’s free keyword research tool and use that. You want to get a keyword that has plenty of traffic as well as a low to medium competition level. Obviously you can still rank for higher competition levels but lets focus on ranking on the 1st page of Google FAST! You can use the free keyword research tool for real estate seo here, click this link to use this free tool: Google Keyword Research Tool

2. Optimizing your Content I highly recommend using Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin.

This will help you get the proper keyword density as well as tags and everything else. You will use this with your word press blog. If you don’t have a word press blog then I highly recommend getting one that is self hosted.

3. Back Linking

Back linking to your website is by far the most efficient way to drive traffic to your site and get ranked organically in the search engines. You can create back links through sites such as , other ping sites and more.   Social bookmarking is huge right now for search engine optimization, you can have that done on  Article marketing and press releases are still one of the best ways to get back links to your real estate investor website.

Don’t have a website?  Learn which website system you should use here <<

4. Follow The Steps Below To Optimize Your Real Estate Investor Website

On page SEO is very important. It accounts for 20% of your ranking and is the only part of the SEO process you have complete control over. It is worth doing each of the steps below to get the most out of your on page optimization – you WILL have better results because of it. The items listed below by no means constitute everything you can do, it is a solid foundation. We have only included items that in our testing have shown maximum impact for your rankings.

This list can seem like an enormous task to complete for each page on your site. Fortunately if you’re a WordPress user there’s a plugin for that!  The one by Yoast called WordPress SEO is the best.  We currently run multiple in house WordPress real estate investor websites for testing and revenue generation and every one of them uses this plugin. It makes setting up almost all the suggested SEO factors below easy for every post and page on your sites. I highly recommend it: Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.

All examples use “sell your home” as the primary keyword

1. Its best to have a domain that is keyword rich.  Such as or something like that.  It is not imperative but it can help.

2. Your main keywords should be placed in the title tag 2 times. (Sell your house using our proven marketing strategies and you’ll sell your house in no time at!)

3. Your main keywords should appear in the in H1, H2 and H3 HTML Tags. The <H1> tag being the most important.  (H1, H2, etc stand for Headings – this is accessible in your page/post editor inside WordPress.

4. Your main keywords should appear near the beginning of the first sentence in each paragraph.

5. Your main keywords should appear in the last sentence of each paragraph.

6. The overall keyword density of each page should be at least 3%, but not more than 5%. This means your main keywords should be at least 3% of the entire post.  Don’t stuff keywords as you will get penalized, make it read and look natural.

7. Using your main keywords as the anchor text you should to link to another internal page on your site at least once on each post. (<a href=””>Sell Your Home</a>)

8. Using your main keywords as the anchor text you should to link out to an authority site at least once in each post with a no follow and “new” target tag. (Wikipedia or another authority domain works fine: <a href=” Market/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_NEW”> Sell your home</a>)

9. Remove all other outgoing links.

10. All images on your site, and each image you add to a page should have an “alt tag” with one of your main keywords in it and the file name should include your keyword. (<img alt=”sell your home” align=”center” src=” content/uploads/2010/10/sell-your- home.jpg” />)

11. Bold, underline AND italicize your main keywords individually at least once on each of your pages.

12. Each content page should be between 800 to 1,000 words in length and “tightly written” around your main keywords.

That’s it! Just kidding… I know it can seem like a lot of work, but I promise you the couple hours you spend doing this will pay off big-time in the long run!

Your site is now optimized to take advantage of 100% of on page SEO factors. If you have installed YOAST WordPress SEO your SEO score for each page or post should be 100%, if it’s not you missed something.

***Page speed seems to be becoming a bigger factor considered by Google.****

Download a page caching plugin for your real estate investor wordpress website.   I suggest configuring caching for your site (I like “W3 Total Cache” for WordPress, just search for it in your admin dashboard under plugins).

5. Repeat All The Above

I know I only said 3 steps but the fourth step is to just do steps 1-3 all over again with a different keyword. As you continue to do this you will get better. As you get better you will make more money while driving more traffic to your sites.

RESOURCES: Check out FIVERR and THE HOTH for back-linking campaigns.

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