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Real Estate Investor Websites And Internet Marketing For Real Estate Investors

REI Blog Club and was founded by David Brown.  Dave’s roots are in real estate but his true passion is marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship.  Dave decided to take his passion, experience & knowledge to show real estate investors how to capture more seller, cash buyer and even private lender leads by leveraging the power of the best custom built real estate investor websites around.

There are a lot of different real estate investor website options out there for real estate investors but most of them over promise and under deliver.  A lot of real estate investor websites are template brochure sites and or squeeze pages found through some of the glorified contact management systems, yeah – you know the ones.icon_smile   REI Blog Club believes that there is a huge a gap between what real estate investors are being offered and what they truly need when it comes to having a professional real estate investing business online!

Where all those systems lack with professional search engine friendly investor websites they do make up for with cool features like document creators, deal analyzers and other apps.  But as far as investor website development they almost all fall severely short.  After all, a lot of those features aren’t worth much if you can’t generate consistent leads for your real estate business.   A professional, clean and branded real estate investor website should be the foundation of your business.  It should be designed to build credibility by capturing traffic from both offline and online marketing campaigns then converting those visitors to customers.  All of those systems may seem great… but the truth is that most investors just don’t need all of those features or the added expense.

Are you finally ready to have a real estate investor website that you actually own?  Are you read to have one that gets search engine rankings and drives you free seller, buyer leads and even private lender leads?  Now is the time to take FULL CONTROL of your investor website so your brand is unique to your target market and does not feel like just another cookie cutter template that everyone else has.  Click here to learn more about our real estate investor websites!

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