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The Insiders Guide To A Lucrative Wholesale Business Using Just A Real Estate Investor Website, Content, And Some Good ‘Ole’ SEO

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The Real Deal

I’ve watched Dave Brown grow at a levels few ever achieve. Anyone who is considering doing business with Dave absolutely needs to do it. He is the real deal and he can truly help your business get found online. Free Web Class

Kent Clothier CEO / Founder REWW

Truly Phenomenal Results

Not only does Dave know about websites but he's an expert at SEO too. My website was ranking on the top pages of Google just days after he launched my site. Truly phenomenal results.

Henry Owens Investor / Rehabber

This Stuff Works

We’ve been #1 on Google for “We buy houses Miami” since we began working with Dave in 2012. This past year we closed our biggest wholesale deals ever from SEO…one of them was a 75k profit. This stuff works.

Gabriel Garcia Investor / Rehabber

Attract Motivated Seller Leads Online With A Real Estate Investor Website That Converts

real estate investor websites

Want to leverage the best systems so you can grow and scale your real estate business for the long term? In my business it all starts with having a real estate investor website that actually works.

Do you have the right real estate investor website?

Is it great at capturing leads? Does it allow you to update and publish great content that the search engines love? Can it help you rank in Google and the other search engines?  The real estate investor website system I use makes it a lot easier to get ranked in the search engines. How you ask? Because it allows me to publish and optimizing my content in a strategic way so I can rank well in Google. When sellers type in keywords like “we buy houses”, “sell my house fast” or others I show up all the time (Usually #1).

This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s the key to content marketing.

In order to attract more leads into your business you need to create content that is relevant, valuable and keyword rich. It has to be localized and easy to consume for visitors that find your real estate investor website.  When you do this you can leverage the search engines by attracting more motivated seller leads to your real estate investor website. Then it’s as easy as turning those smoking hot sellers into a steady stream of profitable deals each and every month.

This is Called Inbound Marketing

It’s any marketing activity that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attentionInbound marketing gets the attention of your prospects through attraction marketing. It brings visitors and motivated sellers to your investor website like a magnet. I leverage SEO and inbound marketing in my business with amazing results and you can too.
Discover how you can get in front of more motivated sellers and cash buyer leads by “showing up” when they search for answers on the internet. Get my Free Training.

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The 2 Biggest Assets In My Business




A Real Estate Investor Website That Actually Generates Leads

Having the right real estate investor website is essential to your success as a wholesaler and house flipper.  Not only do you need a real estate investor website that is great at generating traffic but you also need to be able to convert those visitors into leads and deals. I’ve used this platform for years and it generates 2-3 deals a month for me on autopilot. Learn more below.

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# 2

An Education And Marketing Platform That Gets Results

Real Estate Investing is one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to generate cash flow. The key to success is having the right investing blueprint to follow and REWW has the EDUCATION and MARKETING platform that can help you achieve results fast.  This has been instrumental in my success as a real estate investor and I’m confident it will have the same impact for you too.

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